Speakers Bureau

What is CMCBA’s Speakers Bureau?

The CMCBA’s Speakers Bureau comprises knowledgeable and experienced volunteer beekeepers who conduct informative presentations on many varied topics concerning honey bees. Topics include the life cycle and job duties of a honey bee, what a honey bee swarm is and what to do when you see one, stewardship of the land to help the honey bee and how to become a beekeeper. Special topics are at the discretion of the presenter.

Are the presentations free?

Speakers Bureau services are offered free of charge to civic organizations such as Rotary, Kiwanis, boy and girl scouts, schools, churches and most other non-profit organizations. Donations to CMCBA are accepted.

What is the presentation format?

Presentations vary depending on the topic, the presenter and the time of year. Most often the presenter will bring hands on exhibits, photographs, and tools used in beekeeping. Some presenters use PowerPoint presentations along with beekeeping equipment and a projector and screen will be required for use. If the presentation is done in warmer weather, an observation hive with live bees may be part of the presentation. Most presentations are more suited to smaller groups of 25 or less. Most presentations are approximately 20-30 minutes in length with ample time allowed for Q&A.

How do I request a speaker?

  1. Please send us an email to: CMCBeekeeper@gmail.com
  2. Please make the subject line of your email: Speaker Request
  3. In the request, please include the following information:
    1. Your name
    2. Your phone number
    3. Organization name
    4. Meeting date
    5. Meeting time
    6. Meeting place street address
    7. Meeting city, state and zip code
    8. Audience size
    9. The topic you are most interested in hearing about
  4. Please allow ample time to plan for a speaker. Spring is a VERY busy time for beekeepers.

Someone from the CMCBA will contact you to discuss your request.